Sri Yantra pendant, Sacred Geometry Pendant, Mandala Necklace Pendant, Round Bronze Pendant, Ethnic Pendant, Yoga, Antique Bronze Plated 2pc


Stunning lightweight Sri Yantra fretwork pendants. Great for earrings and necklaces.

Quantity: 2pc
Shape: Round Fretwork
Size: approx. Large Size: 37 x 39mm
Hole Size: 2mm
Color: Antique Bronze Plated

About Sri Yantra:
The Sri Yantra is called the mother of all Yantras and is conceived as a place of spiritual pilgrimage. It maps out the stages of Man’s spiritual journey from materiel existence to ultimate enlightenment. Sri Yantra also symbolises Mahamaya (cosmic energy) it is said by wearing the symbol of cosmic energy it acts like a magnet and attracts such energy towards us.

It is a structure made of nine triangles tied to each other surrounding a center point called a “Bindu”. This point represents the beginning of creation out of the "Great Void". The use of the number three actually exists in several cultures and the representation of three squared depicts, for several reasons, the power of creation and all creation itself.

All my findings are lead free, nickel free/nickel safe.

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