Sun Face Pendant, Surya Pendant, Sunshine Pendant, Sun God Pendant, Lord Surya


Lovely details sun pendant also known as Surya Pendant.

Quantity: 2pc
Shape: Lord Surya Sun Pendant
Size: approx. 30x25mm
Inner loop size: 2mm
Color: 22k Matte Gold Plated

A little about Lord Surya, the Hindu sun god and male energy of the chakras:

Surya first appears in the Rig Vedas and throughout centuries of revised myths accumulates 108 names, indicating he is a God of complete existence. However, there are only 23 names given for him throughout Hindu mythology:

Aditya, Adideva, Angaraka, Arka, Bhaga, Brahma, Dhanwantari, Dharmadhwaja, Dhatri, Dhumaketu, Indra, Jaya, Maitreya, Prabhakara, Ravi, Rudra, Savitri, Soma, Teja, Vaisravana, Vanhi, Varun and Vishnu.

Twenty-three is a sacred number that reflects the karmic laws of nature. It can bring good luck or bad luck depending on your prior actions. If you have projected positive energy into things you want to manifest, you will experience positive results. The same applies to negative energy and bad luck.

The significance of the number 23 with Surya bears a direct relation to his role as a Sun God. The sun provides vital energy that supports life. But overindulgence of the sun results in illness.

In ancient symbolism, the sun also represents male energies that relate to the mind and also the chakras that also produce vital energy. It is the subtle energy we produce throughout chakras – by thoughts, emotions and actions – that project on the physical plane as reality.


All my findings are lead free, nickel free/nickel safe.

Materials: lead free, 22k Matte Gold Plated.

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